April: Miss Dal Contest 2 Your own Miss Dal from your own collection

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April: Miss Dal Contest 2 Your own Miss Dal from your own collection

Post  applecandy on Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:49 pm

This one is not actually a contest.
You can choose a Dal in your own collection as your own Miss Dal, show your favourite photos of her, talk about her, and interview her.

Themes to show her in photos:
pose in a cute outfit;
pose in a cool outfit;
pose on a landscape/panorama/outdoor;
pose indoor;
pose her with her best friend.

Interview or tell about her hobbies, her style, her friends, and so on.


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Re: April: Miss Dal Contest 2 Your own Miss Dal from your own collection

Post  KiraKira on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:20 am

I've chosen Tekka-Maki the Tezca as my Miss Dal from my own collection.  She is the second Dal in my small collection of three Dals.  She's the first one I ordered from Pullipstyle, so I had fun de-boxing her.  I like her monochromatic face-up and she is so versatile to pull off a number of different looks.  I've kept her with black hair, but I've played around with her eye color a few times.  Early on, she had purple eyes, and gradually, I've transitioned to neutral colors of gray and brown.

Here's an 'interview' with Tekka-Maki...

1) What is your name?  My name is Yuzuki, but I am called Tekka-Maki by my family and friends. My parents died in a fire, so I'm afraid I don't know my family name.
2) Where are you from and how old are you? I'm from Japan…and from a long, long, time ago.  I started off as an ordinary human, but now I'm an eternal child of around 8-11 years old.  I never really kept track of my age, as I was too busy with my shinobi studies.  I guess I should have trained harder!  My circumstances are a bit hard to explain.  

3) What is your race (human/angel/demon/etc)?  As I mentioned, I was human.  But then something tragic happened, and now I'll always be this age forever and ever.  Since I'm technically no longer human and I don't really live on Earth, I suppose the best description for me is probably a ghost?  I spend most of my time in that other world, but as long as KiraKira keeps this doll body around for me to inhabit, it's a way for me to visit Earth whenever I feel like it!  I can visit the time period when I used to live…but mostly I hang out here with the other inspirited 'dolls'.

4) Are you single or taken? Who is your crush? I'm just a kid, so boyfriends are not for me.  Still, KiraKira likes us all paired up with someone, just so that we aren't left out.  My counterpart is Shotaro (Isul Hednar) and he's a little bit older than I am.  Mostly he's someone I play videogames with and he's my training partner whenever I have to do ninja exercises.  Since he's a youkai, he's way stronger than I am so he has to be sure to limit his powers when he spars with me.

5) Do you have a best friend?  That would have to be Moe.  She lives here with KiraKira also, and she helps me with my school work.  It's easier for her because she's been going to school longer than I have, but she never rubs it in my face or makes me feel stupid.

6) Do you have any family?  I'm an orphan, but I consider Koji the Taeyang as my older brother.  He's from the same village I'm from, and he actually brought me back through time with him when my parents died.  

7) Favorite hobby?  I like doing origami, and playing videogames.  I also like to play Hanafuda, which is a Japanese card game.  Growing up, I never really had hobbies or free time, so now that I'm not restricted to ninjutsu, I have all the time I want to do other stuff that I never had the chance to!  That's at least one good thing about not being human.

8 )Favorite food & Drink?  There are so many good things to eat and drink!  Still, I guess my favorite drinks are green tea and barley tea.  For food, you can guess that I like tekka-maki sushi, but actually, I'm not picky and will eat anything.

9) Do you have a job?  Since I'm a kid, I have to go to school.  Even ghosts and other supernatural beings think highly of education!  Back in my ninja village, I didn't go to school, so I have lots to learn, still.  I do help my older brother Koji at his motorcycle repair shop, but that's only after I finish all my homework for school, and completed my shinobi training for the day.  And even then, it's just cleaning up around the shop.  Boring, really…but that's how I get spending money for more videogames.

10) What is your bad habit?  I am very competitive! I guess sometimes I can be a poor loser.  I hate losing.

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Re: April: Miss Dal Contest 2 Your own Miss Dal from your own collection

Post  Marsian on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:45 pm

Still working on the interview, but here are some photos to start with:

Tesca and Anna, Besties for ever!
Byul-tiful round 3: Best Friends, Anna (Rhiannon)

Having an inside "adventure"...
O dear...

Brrr, the start of winter, It's cold outside!
ADAW 2015-W41: It's cold outside

Tesca dressed like her (cute) favourite animal
Panda Kigurumi

Dressed in her favourite Punk outfit, gifted by Puki and Severity.
Decorations 01

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Re: April: Miss Dal Contest 2 Your own Miss Dal from your own collection

Post  Alliecat on Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:13 am

Natalie:  Hello everyone!  This is Natalie L'Engle reporting for the PrettyTiny Film Company on location.  Today I'm interviewing Miss Penny Pesca, who's vying for the title of Miss Dal.  Hello, Penny, welcome!

Penny:  Thank you very much.

First of all, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I can't tell you a lot about my past... Someone who likes fish helped me get here...  I understand I came from a place called Groove, but I don't really remember it.  I'm told that's fairly common, that sometimes we don't really wake up to our lives till we find our homes.  But, well, I'm a mermaid... I'm a little shy... umm...

Why do you want to be Miss Dal?

My friends encouraged me to try.  They all said minis needed some representation.  I agree.

Tell us about your hobbies?

I like swimming.  And sitting on the beach.  And art.  I'm thinking about taking up painting.  Watercolours, of course.  And I'm just starting a modelling career so that's exciting.  I like to visit with my friends.  

Who's your best friend?

I have a lot of friends at PrettyTiny modelling studio.  They're all a lot of fun.  Janice and I came together, so we have that in common.  And Roxann came with us, but she's not a Dal...

What things do you dislike?

Loud noises.  Very dry places.  I like talking to little dolphins and seals but whales kind of scare me.  They're so big.

What's your favourite food?

Scallops.  ...I know... it seems like a bit of a conflict maybe, but...  (shrugs)

Some people say Dals are too pouty.  How would you respond to that?

Well, I can't answer for anyone else.  I think some people pout because they're scared of being small in a big world, and pouting makes you look tougher and less scared.  I don't know what things are going on in people's lives that make them pout.  I think that's why we should all try to be better friends to each other.  You know, see if people need help with anything, even if they haven't asked.  Because maybe if they felt like they weren't all alone with whatever's making them pout, then they might pout a little less.

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Well... given my heritage, it would have to be that I would clean up the ocean.  There's so much garbage in it.  That makes it not much fun to swim in.  And it's dangerous for little beings like me.  So I would clean it all up, because if everyone cared about keeping the sea clean, then maybe they'd care about keeping the rest of the world clean too.  I think that would make them happy.

Who do you admire?

I think my friend Sunsette LaVoile is very admirable.  I mean, she's fearless.  She'll take on any challenge without even blinking.  She's had a lot of adventures and is always hoping for more.  She's all about being fabulous and enjoying life.  You know, she started the PrettyTiny Film Company all on her own, and then let all the rest of us join.  She says it doesn't matter how small you are, it's what's inside you that's important, and that no matter how tiny you are, you can still shine.  You can still be fabulous and make people notice you.  I think that's very inspiring.

What's the first thing you would do if you became Miss Dal?

I would declare International Dal Appreciation Day.  There would be ice cream.  And cake.

Sounds like fun.  Thank you for talking to us today, and good luck with your aspirations for Miss Dal.

Thank you very much.

Um, Penny...?  You know it's not really an official contest, right...?  

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Re: April: Miss Dal Contest 2 Your own Miss Dal from your own collection

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