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Can anyone give info on this antique doll?

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Can anyone give info on this antique doll? Empty Can anyone give info on this antique doll?

Post  NoelBlakley Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:35 pm


I did my favorite thing yesterday which is antique shop and I came across this gorgeous doll that completely caught my eye. I don't know anything about antique dolls but she had to come home with me. The owner of the antique store is a really lovely lady who I chat with from time to time over text or at the store and she told me the doll came from a woman in her 60's and that the doll used to be that woman's mother's doll. She even had a picture (which the store owner has possession of now) of the doll in a stroller and her mother next to it. The antique store owner has the stroller as well and is bringing the picture and stroller to her shop today to show me. I thought it was really neat that the doll had a history behind it as well as the photo. The doll is full body porcelain I believe but I could be wrong...she's very fragile. And she's strung together and jointed in her arms and legs. She's in wonderful condition with no damage and (according to the store owner who has the picture) supposedly looks the same as she did in the picture and is wearing the same original clothing as well. My question is, we're these dolls sold like this or would women typically paint and put the dolls together for their children back then? And if anyone knows what her name is or who made her I would love to know! I haven't taken her clothing off because I'm scared to break her so I don't know if she has any markings.

Please help

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