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2020 Dal-icious, Byul-tiful, You-love-meh contest

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2020 Dal-icious, Byul-tiful, You-love-meh contest Empty 2020 Dal-icious, Byul-tiful, You-love-meh contest

Post  TrueFan Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:56 pm

Announcing the 2020 Dal-icious, Byul-tiful and You-love-meh photo contest!
2020 Dal-icious, Byul-tiful, You-love-meh contest 50170345812_525b274c9a
ROYGBV+ photo contest! by TrueFan, on Flickr

There will be seven challenges, 1 week each, starting August 10. A winner will be chosen for each of the challenges and a grand prize winner will be chosen at the end.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive one of the prizes show here:
2020 Dal-icious, Byul-tiful, You-love-meh contest 50170088466_6d185caccb
the winner will chose a prize! by TrueFan, on Flickr

To enter, choose one Dal, Byul,  or Yeolume, regular size or mini, to be in each of your contest entries. Post a photo of the doll and a description of her in the Introduction thread by Sunday, 8/16/2020 (the day Challenge 1 ends).

Anyone can enter. However, you must be a member of the Dal House Forum. You also must have at least 5 posts and an Introduction thread (in this area of the forum: ).

You will not eliminated if you miss a round. However, your best chance of winning the contest is to enter as many rounds as you can. Points will be awarded for each round you enter. (Participation points will not be the only factor in the Grand Prize Winner, however.)

Photos must be new and taken for the contest, but they can be posted anywhere you like - Instagram, Facebook, whatever. They must also be posted in the challenge thread on the Dal House Forum.

Entries will be judged on creativity, reflection of the challenge, the spirit of fun, and the composition of the photo. This is not a best photographer challenge.

The rules for each challenge may vary in terms of what other dolls can be in the photo, what photo editing techniques can be used, etc.

If you would like to host a challenge, please let me know! Hosting a challenge means you judge it. You will not lose points toward the overall contest. You can provide a prize if you like but it is not required.

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